Hear from "Get S.O.M.E." students, from all ages and walks of life, talk about their experience in the program!


NFL Athlete


Wife, Mother, Minister, CFO, Speaker, Tax Strategist


Aspiring Investor

Dr. Gayle 

Wholistic Wellness Specialist, Speaker, RN, Certified Natural Health Professional



Educator, Global Creative


Retired, National Education Association, Real Estate Investor


"The Get S.O.M.E. course is a great investment course taught be a knowledgeable young man.  His excitement comes through each live call.  He is very professional.  Investing use to be very intimidating to me.  I didn’t understand the charts or platforms and knew none of the terms.  If I can do it, anyone can.  I am a disabled, single mother on a very fixed income.  I was definitely one of those people who thought you need tons of money in order to invest.  That is not the case with stock options.  Adam is a great teacher.  I knew nothing about investing before taking this course.  He breaks it down very well.  It is definitely a course that is beginner friendly.  Adam is not stingy with his knowledge.  He wants you to succeed.  The course is worth every penny.  Nothing is 100 percent you will lose money sometimes. If anyone tells you you will never lose they are lying and you need to go the other way.  Adam keeps it real.   He gives you the tools you need so that you will win more than you lose.  You can make the money back from this course in just a few investments.  Just like with anything you get what you put in.  Adam does not do the work for you.  He gives you the tools you need.  You have to take it upon yourself to study the modules and paper trade.  Practice makes perfect.  Adam is very approachable.  You have access to him throughout the course to ask questions and even get the benefit of hearing other classmates questions through the weekly live question and answer sessions.  And it doesn’t stop there.  He doesn’t just drop you after the course.  He still offers his support and access to his personal Facebook community.  So, if you are not happy and want financial freedom.  You have to be the change.  Create opportunities for yourself.  You can do that through stock options.  And the Get S.O.M.E. course gives you a great foundation to get started.  I’m sure you can try to save money and learn all this on your own.  But that will take you a lot longer meanwhile you could have been making money in the market."