An introductory education course that builds the foundation necessary to leverage the stock market's strongest tool: STOCK OPTIONS. 

Learning to operate profitably in the stock market, regardless of direction, takes more than a few YouTube videos. Don't put it off any longer. It's time to "GET STARTED"!

What is "Get Started"?

Get Started is an introductory options education course that builds the foundation necessary to leverage the stock market's strongest tool: STOCK OPTIONS. It is composed of six pre-recorded lecture modules, each around an hour long. Students can cruise through as fast or as slow as they need to. 


This comprehensive introductory course was created to help people new to stock options help get a grasp on what they are, and how they work. As well as begin to outline the mindset and system necessary to utilize them to repeatedly make money in the stock market. REGARDLESS of whether a stock, or the market, is going up, down, or sideways.


The course also exposes students to some high level trading techniques, rules, and strategies to give them a taste of the next level up: The "Stock Options Made Easy Course", also known as "Get S.O.M.E.". 


Learning to profitably in the stock market, regardless of direction, takes more than a few YouTube videos. Don't put it off any longer, it's time to "Get Started"!


  • Stock Market Basics
  • Trading v. Investing
  • Complete Breakdown of Stock Options
    • ​Types, Principles, Definitions explained with simple comparisons, in a way anyone could understand. 
  • Option Terminology
  • Option Pricing
  • Technical Analysis
    • ​How to read a candlestick, stock chart, and more!
  • Secondary Indicators
    • ​How to give color, depth, and hue to the picture a stock is painting for you!
  • The Greeks
  • "All things Volatility"
    • The "First Rule" before placing an option trade that will help you avoid a common and dangerous pitfall
    • The "Timeframes vs. Technical Levels" Dynamic
    • The "Dynamic Crossover" -- if you think you've heard of it, you haven't!
    • Specific Exit Rules pulled from the expert trading system outlined in the full Stock Options Made Easy Course
    • The "Four Key Options Strategy Guidelines" 
    • "Key Volatility Levels", as well as the "New Trader Destroyer"

Courses offering these topics INDIVIDUALLY range from $50-$200. Courses offering a group of these topics range from $200-$500. NO OTHER INTRODUCTORY COURSE AVALIABLE OFFERS THE HIGH LEVEL TRADE VALUE PRINCIPLES LISTED ABOVE. I have only found a few in  other course, and they are priced $1,500 and above, and are considered "advanced courses".  Here at "Get Started" you get everything displayed above...for only $297!

   More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went. – Roger Babson


Stock Options, or "Options" for short, are a stock derivative, meaning they are backed by stock. They are contracts that give you the right or obligation to buy or sell a certain amount of stock , for a certain period of time. However, options trading is much more versatile than just trading stocks. Unlike stocks, which require movement of the stock for one to profit from them, options are a stock derivative that allow you to make money whether a stock is going up, down, or even NOT MOVING AT ALL. Options are also less capital intensive, allowing you to control 100 shares of stock, without ever having the means to actually purchase 100 shares of stock. How cool is that? More versatile, less capital intensive, and more leveraged, with LESS RISK. Options Trading can be the investing skill that takes your investing and your financial future to the next level. Whether looking to simply multiply capital for a more expensive investment, or looking to make a full-time living as a trader, I invite you to learn more about the means of market investing that saved the wealthiest "shark" BILLIONS!


"March 2019 marked the 10 year anniversary of what many consider to be the longest bull market in history. Great news right? Depends on your point of view. Everything that goes up, must come down. Everything moves in cycles. Seasons, planetary orbits, and ofcourse, investing cycles. The credit market moves in 10-yr cycles. Once companies can no longer borrow money for "free", we are going to see a contraction. With indicators all over the globe pointing to a worldwide economic slowdown: Brexit, trade wars, inverting yield curves, negative interest rates, contraction in leading world markets like Germany, Russia, and China. We know this bull run is coming to an end. With all of these worrisome signs layering on top of one another, recession seems imminent.  We have all seen the headlines, but let me show you how to turn news headlines into a boost to your bottom line. How to turn a fiery Trump tweet into something sweet. With options, you can position yourself to not only survive the next recession, but CASH IN ON THE CRASH. Don't wait and be caught on the wrong side of "2008" again. Educate and position yourself NOW!"


I wrote the above passage less than a year ago. Since, a worldwide pandemic threw global economies into an absolute tailspin. A crash that allowed me to dwarf my achievements of 2018 and more than TRIPLE my current account from the start of the pandemic, until now. When markets worldwide were crashing, everyone was asking the same question: "How do I make money when the market crashes? How can I make money with stocks going down?". People were looking to investors and advisors on what to do...this is it. But it's up to you to seize an opportunity once it is presented to you.


This is the biggest excuse people have when it comes to seizing their financial future. They don't have the time to learn. They are too busy. Well, the average American spends one hour in the bathroom DAILY. That means that you could finish the Get Started Course in less than a week of bathroom breaks. In less than one standard work day. In less than one night's sleep. All you need is your toilet time. Now I'm being facetious...for the most part. But it provides some perspective. All you need a few sessions of toilet time to seize control of your finances, learn how to navigate the market regardless of direction, and hedge using the best tool possible to protect your money in the market. To create generational change from not only a financial standpoint, but a standpoint of mindset. Ten hours a week would be a fair bargain. No one will care about your money as much as you do. You make time for what matters. Two bathroom breaks a week is all it takes. No aeresol will be included upon course enrollment. Your financial situation will be a lot less stinky though.


This is the second biggest excuse people have when it comes to learning to trade or invest. I started trading and investing with options with only a few hundred bucks to my name. Stock Options allowed me to turn that few hundred into a few thousand in less than two months as a BEGINNER. Something that stocks alone would've taken years to do. Options are one of the most affordable ways to get started in the market. They are less expensive than stock, and your dollar goes a lot further. If you have the money to eat out, you have the money to invest. If you have the money to play fantasy football, you have the money to invest. If you have money for happy hour, you have the money to invest. Stop with the excuses. Start with the cashflow. Your money is a tool, and a little can turn into a lot if you know how the system works. Register now to learn.