Now that you have the KNOWLEDGE...Join a COMMUNITY dedicated to discovering opportunity in the market!

Get S.O.M.E. Market Watch  Group

A private, subscription-based Facebook Group dedicated to experienced traders highlighting investment opportunities. 

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***Eligibility to this Facebook Group is restricted to graduates of the Stock Options Made Easy Course! Not "Get STARTED". All others will be refunded and restricted access.*** 

What is the "Get S.O.M.E. Market Watch" Group?

   If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

– Henry Ford



After completing the stock options made easy course, you will continue on YOUR trading journey. That includes seeking out your own trades, doing your own analysis, and making your own decisions. None of the information in this group is considered official trade recommendations or investment advice. You should not be looking to get spoon-fed trades, and circumvent doing your own analysis. This group is simply a hub through which knowledgeable people can highlight potential opportunities they've come across, and other members have to analyze that information for themselves. Just as if they were receiving it from any other source. You are still expected to conduct your own market analysis and search for your own market opportunities.  There will also be no advertisement or spamming allowed. 



At this point, you all have the tools. You have the education. The value you gain from this group directly correlates to the value you bring. Participation is not just encouraged, it is required. Inputting information, providing feedback, as well as alternative points of view are all necessary to maintain a trading community that sharpens our skills, drives us forward, and keep us on the cutting edge of the opportunities the market provides. In that vein, no slander is tolerated. Everyone's analysis will be respected, even if it is not agreed with. We are, and always will be, students of the investing and trading game. We will honor that game, as well as each other with the reverence they both deserve.